From the roof into the woods

New Video: Thanks to Unverblümt Kulturexpeditionen. We took the album version of the song, because the sound was blown away by the wind. Enjoy!

Still coffee, wine already

On Thursday we play songs for those who can make it. And we cheer to those who can't. We sing for the air which is all around. 

At the cosy 33rpm-Recordstore in Wrangelstr. 95. Special guest on the drums…

Summerbreak is over, concert in Berlin.

Summerbreak is over. We were sweating like everybody. But while sweating we worked on new songs. And after some drilling, hammering and measuring, we will present two of them to you on a Saturday afternoon in a beautiful church.

Driving Into Spring.

Winter is over. The road is calling. Us. Let's get into a smalltowngroove. 


14.3. 2018 Cottbus, Galerie Fango, 10pm, Amalienstr. 10, 03044 Cottbus 

15.3. 2018 Weiden, Klein & Kunst, 8pm, Dr.-Pflegerstr. 15, 92637 Weiden 


Autumn Show

Next Wednesday we are back at Schokoladen. Come in time, cause we are opening for the Record Release of our labelmate Marta Collica.

Wednesday 25th of October 2017



Ackerstr. 169

10115 Berlin


"Die Hannas" go Blockbuster!

Yeah Yeah Yeah. The Hannas go blockbuster! Cinema release all over Germany on the 10th of August. Go watch & listen to our soundtrack. Find your cinema here:




Torstraßenfestival 2017

Happy to be part of this year's Torstraßenfestival! Come to Z-Bar at the 10th of June.

"Die Hannas" at Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award

Four awards for "Die Hannas" at Achtung Berlin Filmfestival! Two for the main actor / actress, one for the script and one for ... BEST MOVIE. Guess who did the soundtrack?

(We're walking around with a new kind of smile)…