Torstraßenfestival 2017

Happy to be part of this year's Torstraßenfestival! Come to Z-Bar at the 10th of June.

"Die Hannas" at Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award

Four awards for "Die Hannas" at Achtung Berlin Filmfestival! Two for the main actor / actress, one for the script and one for ... BEST MOVIE. Guess who did the soundtrack?

(We're walking around with a new kind of smile)…

On tour.

Come by and tell all your friends:

Twisted Animals Tour 2016

27.09.2016 DE - Lübeck Tonfink 
28.09.2016 DE - Neumünster Fräulein Frieda 
29.09.2016 DE - Hamburg Astra Stube 
30.09.2016 DE - Hannover Oberdeck 
01.10.2016 DE - Herdecke Houseshow (for reservation…


Videopremiere "Yellow Sweater"

Bääääm! Have a drink with us to celebrate our videopremiere! 

This very short-movie was directed by the actor, director, musician and enfant terrible Mario Mentrup, who chased us through the fightclub "Rumblefish" of Marva Kübler, who can be a…

This movie has it all.

Our love and our music: "Die Hannas" by Julia C. Kaiser. We did a big part of the soundtrack and we even play in it. You can join us for its worldpremiere at the Munich Film Festival in the end…

Dear Grey Sky

We made a video by ourselves to present you a very first song from our upcoming record. Look up.

Twisted Animals

We finally proudly announce: A new Sorry Gilberto Record, called "Twisted Animals" will be out in late September 2016. Via Solaris Empire / Broken Silence. Happy.