We go British

Happy New Year to you all!
We play as part of the British Shorts Party on Sunday the 13th of January at Ballhaus Ost. We start around 9:30pm. Come over and celebrate with us...

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We updated the press- and the lyrics-section because of this new album we did... 
So take your glasses and your pipe and get ready for a comfy oldschool afternoon in your wingchair: Reading!

Imagine A Tapir Tour 2012

We are back after nearly four weeks of everyday concerts. And we were doing some photos on the way. Let's call it a documentary. Click on the photo and travel with us...


Geranium Sessies

This is us in Arnhem, filmed by the lovely Crew of Geranium Sessies. Thank you for that one. Sweet Memories already!

Personal Record Store Day

Oh boy, our new record "Construction Work & Stormy Weather" will be out this friday, the 26th of october. And we hope that you will find it and like it and tell us about it.

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Say hello to our second video BLOCKBUSTER.
We worship Martin Mai, Hanniball Saliba, Aron Craemer, Dominik Dijaleu, Tobias Gratz, Achim Hatzius, Ran Huber, Thomas Kroll, Tom Neubauer, Michele Princigalli, Marcus Reinhardt and Maria Zillich.


Part Of Me

holy moly!
the video is ready. and it's like a movie.
thank you eric for writing, directing and filming with this amazing swedish camera, thank you line for the wowowowowows and for being the last driver standing, thank…Read more