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We created a monster.... 

"Black Leather Jacket" is not your average pop-song with its length of 6:19 minutes. 
But a homage to the feeling of otherness between pride and alienation and to the desire for being part of some kind of subculture needs time to develop. And it also needs a wall of sound that dissolves the ambiguity of those thoughts. 

So close your curtains, put on your black leather jacket and dive into it. 

Here's to guitars and to Velvet Underground! 



Thanks to Robert Kretzschmar for drumming, Florian Sievers for producing and recording, Norman Nitzsche for mixing and Eric Ménard for providing us some parts of his shortmovie "The fall" to use it in the video, edited by Anne von Keller. 

"Black Leather Jacket" is out on all platforms via Solaris Empire / Broken Silence, where you can stream & buy a download.

Xmas is coming. 

We created a special offer for Xmas. Take a look at our store.













We are ready to wrap!

From the roof into the woods 

New Video: Thanks to Unverblümt Kulturexpeditionen. We took the album version of the song, because the sound was blown away by the wind. Enjoy!

Still coffee, wine already 

On Thursday we play songs for those who can make it. And we cheer to those who can't. We sing for the air which is all around. 

At the cosy 33rpm-Recordstore in Wrangelstr. 95. Special guest on the drums: Jeff Özdemir. 

It starts already 6:30pm. So skip bringing the children to bed, but bring them to the concert or let them play till midnight.


Summerbreak is over, concert in Berlin.  

Summerbreak is over. We were sweating like everybody. But while sweating we worked on new songs. And after some drilling, hammering and measuring, we will present two of them to you on a Saturday afternoon in a beautiful church.

The entrance is free and beside us there will be also some other bands to watch and listen to, cause we are part of the great veteranenstrassenfest. 

Saturday 8th of September, 4:30pm sharp at Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


Driving Into Spring. 

Winter is over. The road is calling. Us. Let's get into a smalltowngroove. 


14.3. 2018 Cottbus, Galerie Fango, 10pm, Amalienstr. 10, 03044 Cottbus 

15.3. 2018 Weiden, Klein & Kunst, 8pm, Dr.-Pflegerstr. 15, 92637 Weiden 

Tickets Weiden

17.3. 2018 Lauenau, Kesselhaus, 8pm, Karl-Sasse-Str. 3, 31867 Lauenau 

Tickets Lauenau



Autumn Show 

Next Wednesday we are back at Schokoladen. Come in time, cause we are opening for the Record Release of our labelmate Marta Collica.

Wednesday 25th of October 2017



Ackerstr. 169

10115 Berlin


"Die Hannas" go Blockbuster! 

Yeah Yeah Yeah. The Hannas go blockbuster! Cinema release all over Germany on the 10th of August. Go watch & listen to our soundtrack. Find your cinema here:




"Die Hannas" at Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award 

Four awards for "Die Hannas" at Achtung Berlin Filmfestival! Two for the main actor / actress, one for the script and one for ... BEST MOVIE. Guess who did the soundtrack?

(We're walking around with a new kind of smile)


On tour. 

Come by and tell all your friends:

Twisted Animals Tour 2016

27.09.2016 DE - Lübeck Tonfink 
28.09.2016 DE - Neumünster Fräulein Frieda 
29.09.2016 DE - Hamburg Astra Stube 
30.09.2016 DE - Hannover Oberdeck 
01.10.2016 DE - Herdecke Houseshow (for reservation mail to: 
02.10.2016 NL - Arnheim Stella by Starlight 
04.10.2016 DE - Osnabrück Polly Esthers
05.10..2016 DE - Essen Cafe Livres 
06.10.2016 DE - Aachen Hotel Europa 
07.10.2016 DE - Darmstadt Zucker 
08.10.2016 DE - Köln Hängende Gärten von Ehrenfeld 
09.10.2016 DE - Offenbach Hafen 2 
10.10.2016 DE - Karlsruhe Houseshow (for reservation mail to: 
11.10.2016 DE - Pforzheim Horch Konzerte (for reservation mail to: 
12.10.2016 CH - Zürich Am Damm Für Dich 
13.10.2016 CH - Schaffhausen Cardinal
14.10.2016 CH - Basel Sääli 
15.10.2016 DE - Freiburg Secret Gig (for reservation mail to: 
17.10.2016 CH - Luzern Gewerbehalle 
19.10.2016 DE - München Favorit Bar 
20.10.2016 DE - Regensburg W1 
21.10.2016 DE - Bernburg Hotel Wien 
22.10.2016 DE - Chemnitz Lokomov 

28.10.2016 DE- Berlin Ausland RECORD RELEASE

Videopremiere "Yellow Sweater" 

Bääääm! Have a drink with us to celebrate our videopremiere! 

This very short-movie was directed by the actor, director, musician and enfant terrible Mario Mentrup, who chased us through the fightclub "Rumblefish" of Marva Kübler, who can be a very dangerous guy sometimes too... We tried to hide in the costumes of Kerstin Cmelka, but this dude with the camera, Volker Sattel, caught us anyway. 

But watch it yourself: