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All kind of places 

Those psychoactive ghosts are going to get very real at all kind of places.
If you look closely enough you may find them popping up in your neighbourhood. If not, choose one of the portals that are listed below and be part of the transformation...
And of course spread the rumours and let them become facts.
We are looking forward to meet you in person!


To celebrate the release of our fifth album "Psychoactive Ghosts" we present you the video for THESE WALLS, 
directed by the stunning Julia C. Kaiser, filmed and colour-graded by the congenial Moritz von Dungern, edited by our own Anne von Keller and costumend by Wildberlin. Starring: Anne von Keller & Jakob Dobers.

Thank you all and enjoy!


Psychoactive Ghosts out today! 

PSYCHOACTIVE GHOSTS is out today (digital & vinyl)! 

And if someone would ask, what is it all about? we might say spontaniously: it`s about connecting most of the time and not only about connecting with people, but also with animals in the night or with the voices, that are all around. And yes, its also about alienation, but not that often. 

We recorded those 10 songs in Leipzig with Florian Sievers, who also produced them with us and played psychoactive sounds and bits all over it in his wonderful little studio. 
And every night,when we walked the empty streets back to our non-contact-motel we felt a bit like ghosts indeed.. 
But we had great coffee and some sort of vegan bifi and cake was there too. 

Then we did the drums with Robert Kretzschmar in Wedding and they sounded smooth and things fell into place or where guided to those places by the magic touch of Norman Nitzsche who did mix and mastering in Prenzlauer Berg. 

If there's a moment whilst listening that make you think: wow, that sounds like real strings there in the background! They are! and were played by Amélie Legrand (Cello) and Elke Brauweiler (Viola) and recorded by Jeff Özdemir in Kreuzberg. 
Heimprofi Burger (Krista Burger) captured the mood of it all by doing a cover which looks mysterious and familiar in the same time and thank you Solaris Empire and Broken Silence for getting it out there!











You can listen to "Psychoactive Ghosts" on all platforms when you click here.



These Walls out today. 

It's friday and we have another song for you! It has a story to tell and a vibe to vibe on and you can find it on all platforms. 

Video follows next week, and yes: the album tooooo! thank you Robert Kretzschmar for keeping it steady and thank you Das Paradies for a whole lot of stuff...



Bird (on my shoulder) - Single and Videorelease today!!! 

Bird (on my shoulder) is the new single, the last one before the album drops and we want to share it with you, so you might share it with all there is. 

Robert Kretzschmar played the drums so well and Florian Sievers did a magical rhodes part and recorded it in the same time. Norman Nitzsche was the brilliant chief of mix and master. But that's not all: The new album will be out on July 29 and it's called PSYCHOACTIVE GHOSTS. 

There is a lot going on in there, but we will tell you about that later. 


You are invited to watch the video made frame by frame by Anne and delivering beautiful colours and animals and surroundings and vanishing people too: 


Video: Sorry Gilberto - Bird (on my shoulder)


Or you are just about closing your eyes and listening: 

To all platforms



We created a monster.... 

"Black Leather Jacket" is not your average pop-song with its length of 6:19 minutes. 
But a homage to the feeling of otherness between pride and alienation and to the desire for being part of some kind of subculture needs time to develop. And it also needs a wall of sound that dissolves the ambiguity of those thoughts. 

So close your curtains, put on your black leather jacket and dive into it. 

Here's to guitars and to Velvet Underground! 



Thanks to Robert Kretzschmar for drumming, Florian Sievers for producing and recording, Norman Nitzsche for mixing and Eric Ménard for providing us some parts of his shortmovie "The fall" to use it in the video, edited by Anne von Keller. 

"Black Leather Jacket" is out on all platforms via Solaris Empire / Broken Silence, where you can stream & buy a download.

Xmas is coming. 

We created a special offer for Xmas. Take a look at our store.













We are ready to wrap!

From the roof into the woods 

New Video: Thanks to Unverblümt Kulturexpeditionen. We took the album version of the song, because the sound was blown away by the wind. Enjoy!

Still coffee, wine already 

On Thursday we play songs for those who can make it. And we cheer to those who can't. We sing for the air which is all around. 

At the cosy 33rpm-Recordstore in Wrangelstr. 95. Special guest on the drums: Jeff Özdemir. 

It starts already 6:30pm. So skip bringing the children to bed, but bring them to the concert or let them play till midnight.


Summerbreak is over, concert in Berlin.  

Summerbreak is over. We were sweating like everybody. But while sweating we worked on new songs. And after some drilling, hammering and measuring, we will present two of them to you on a Saturday afternoon in a beautiful church.

The entrance is free and beside us there will be also some other bands to watch and listen to, cause we are part of the great veteranenstrassenfest. 

Saturday 8th of September, 4:30pm sharp at Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


Driving Into Spring. 

Winter is over. The road is calling. Us. Let's get into a smalltowngroove. 


14.3. 2018 Cottbus, Galerie Fango, 10pm, Amalienstr. 10, 03044 Cottbus 

15.3. 2018 Weiden, Klein & Kunst, 8pm, Dr.-Pflegerstr. 15, 92637 Weiden 

Tickets Weiden

17.3. 2018 Lauenau, Kesselhaus, 8pm, Karl-Sasse-Str. 3, 31867 Lauenau 

Tickets Lauenau



Autumn Show 

Next Wednesday we are back at Schokoladen. Come in time, cause we are opening for the Record Release of our labelmate Marta Collica.

Wednesday 25th of October 2017



Ackerstr. 169

10115 Berlin