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Pull it on and take it on a bike ride through an imaginary summer. "Yellow Sweater" is the single of our new album "Twisted Animals". You can download it here for free. Thanks Noel for slow drumming.


Yellow Sweater Tour 2014 

autumn is for everyone. let's meet & greet!

16. Okt. Hasenschaukel Hamburg
17. Okt. Speicher (w/Mine) Husum
19. Okt. Hafen 2 Offenbach 
20. Okt. Hängende Gärten Köln
21. Okt. Café Livres Essen
22. Okt. Kafi für Dich Zürich - Switzerland
23. Okt. WAHU! Bar Zug - Switzerland
24. Okt. Cardinal Schaffhausen - Switzerland
25. Okt. Secret Gig Freiburg (mail to:
27. Okt. Heppel & Ettlich München (w/ Dear Henry Bliss-solo)
28. Okt Houseshow Karlsruhe (mail to:
29. Okt. Goldengrün Duisburg
30. Okt. Brause Düsseldorf
31. Okt. Oberdeck Hannover (for the address mail to:
1.Nov. Secret Gig close to Schwerin (mail to:
2. Nov. Kulturbar Greifswald
4. Nov. Homecomingshow at "Alter roter Löwe rein" (w/Guidebooks) Berlin
8. Nov. Opole Songwriterfestival Opole - Poland

Dear Passengers Tour 2013 

dear passengers. if a small red car is coming to your town, it's gonna be us. the sky will be clear and blue. hopefully. the places will be packed and warm. hopefully. music will be all around. for sure.

09.10.2013 Leipzig Wärmehalle Süd
10.10.2013 Bernburg Hotel Wien
11.10.2013 Crailsheim 7180 Bar
12.10.2013 Darmstadt Zucker
14.10.2013 Pforzheim Konsumat
15.10.2013 Metz La Chaouée
17.10.2013 Paris Pop In
18.10.2013 Paris Houseshow (for reservation write to:
20.10.2013 Lille Monks Café
22.10.2013 Köln Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld
23.10.2013 Essen Goldbar

Why Afraid Tour 2013 

Hey Kids,

this is our tour so far:  

04/4/13 Lauenau Kesselhaus Germany
06/4/13 Copenhagen Cafe Retro Denmark
07/4/13 Vaxjö Kafe de Luxe Sweden
08/4/13 Gothenburg Mitt Andra Hem Sweden
09/4/13 Trollhättan Cafe Mejeriet* Sweden
10/4/13 Munkedal Kommunhuset* Sweden
11/4/13 Uddevalla Kontoret* Sweden
12/4/13 Lysekil The Old House Inn* Sweden
13/4/13 Uddevalla Restaurang Köket* Sweden
17/4/13 Turku Bar Kuka Finland
19/4/13 Eskilstuna tba Sweden
20/4/13 Halmstad Hype Festival Sweden

* (w/ Lars Wallin & the Tribelars)

We go British 

Happy New Year to you all!
We play as part of the British Shorts Party on Sunday the 13th of January at Ballhaus Ost. We start around 9:30pm. Come over and celebrate with us...

Click on the picture for more information.


We updated the press- and the lyrics-section because of this new album we did... 
So take your glasses and your pipe and get ready for a comfy oldschool afternoon in your wingchair: Reading!

Imagine A Tapir Tour 2012 

We are back after nearly four weeks of everyday concerts. And we were doing some photos on the way. Let's call it a documentary. Click on the photo and travel with us...

Personal Record Store Day 

Oh boy, our new record "Construction Work & Stormy Weather" will be out this friday, the 26th of october. And we hope that you will find it and like it and tell us about it.

To put it straight: Order this shit on amazon and make it a number one hit record!


Say hello to our second video BLOCKBUSTER.
We worship Martin Mai, Hanniball Saliba, Aron Craemer, Dominik Dijaleu, Tobias Gratz, Achim Hatzius, Ran Huber, Thomas Kroll, Tom Neubauer, Michele Princigalli, Marcus Reinhardt and Maria Zillich.

Part Of Me 

holy moly!
the video is ready. and it's like a movie.
thank you eric for writing, directing and filming with this amazing swedish camera, thank you line for the wowowowowows and for being the last driver standing, thank you rico, steve, tilo and ben for being the sexiest sorry-dancers ever and thank you haliflor for being such a nice bar. especially at eight o' clock in the morning.

if you like the pictures and our great acting talent, watch it tenthousand times, if you also like the song itself you can download it for free! just move your eyes a bit up and you can see the link. so press the